Superdesk Beta

I have recently done a bit of work adding some things to Superdesk. The biggest addition to this is IPTC topic codes have been included and include English (US) translations. Now, the en-US translations are pending review but I have included them in this anyway. You can try out the IPTC topics after installation. You […]

Superdesk WordPress Plugin

I decided to check out the WordPress Plugin Sourcefabric wrote. So far it is actually one of the easier things to setup. My idea here is simply to make things easier for some people instead of downloading via git. I have made a couple minor changes. The first change I made was to remove the […]

Superdesk RC Installation

***Edit: 11/26/2020 ***There have been some reports of the installation not working on lower memory machines. If you have an issue (particularly during the “grunt build” portion of the installer) try increasing the size of your swapfile. Once I was able to replicate the issue, this solved the problem. ***EDIT: 11/12/2020 ***There have been some […]

Superdesk Installation Script

***EDIT 11/18/2020*** I have sporadically been working on moving my material to this domain. The first code line should be disregarded. If you wish to install with one of these scripts, please use the second code line. **** I have thrown this page together real quick to get this installer out there. I just want […]