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I decided to check out the WordPress Plugin Sourcefabric wrote. So far it is actually one of the easier things to setup. My idea here is simply to make things easier for some people instead of downloading via git.

I have made a couple minor changes. The first change I made was to remove the deprecated fields in the settings. Once it is installed in WordPress, the first four fields are left blank to make it work. That includes the username and password fields, which my browser constantly tried to fill. This lead me to have to clear both boxes any time I wanted to make a change.

The second item I changed was the folder name within the zip file. There was no issue with the autoload path if you download via git. However, if you downloaded the source as a zip file (to install directly within WordPress) the script showed the path as /superdesk-wordpress-plugin/” when it was in fact “/superdesk-wordpress-plugin-master/”. This of course meant you had to add “-master” to the path instead of a straight copy and paste. After creating and editing subscribers in Superdesk so many times during my testing, I wanted to make it easier.

Anyway, you can download my slightly edited plugin by clicking or copying the following link:

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